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365FarmNet component “Cattle”

You can manage your entire herd with the 365FarmNet “Cattle” component. Record and manage the master data of your cattle here and document all animal-related actions. An animal journal is automatically prepared for each animal from the information available in 365FarmNet. The status and the distribution of your herd can be easily observed due to a clearly structured display.

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The “Cattle” component offers:

  • Recording of master data of your cattle
  • Group management
  • Breeding information
  • Automatic creation of an animal journal including all measures recorded for each animal
  • Entry of insemination bulls
  • Selection of animals on the basis of specific criteria
  • Documentation of diseases, diagnoses and notification of antibiotic treatments
  • Documentation of inseminations, pregnancy checks, calvings
  • Changes to the animal stock including entry and exit Reports
  • Documentation of changes in groups, agricultural businesses and sites
  • Modern graphical representation of the herd distributio


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This component is available free of charge without restrictions.

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