Dairy Farm­ing.

All your herd infor­ma­tion at a glance.


Doc­u­ment and analyse all herd activ­i­ties with the Dairy Farm­ing component

Sim­pli­fy your herd man­age­ment with the 365FarmNet Dairy Farm­ing mod­ule. Man­age and analyse all herd activ­i­ties quick­ly and eas­i­ly while also meet­ing cross-com­pli­ance require­ments regard­ing ani­mal iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and all ani­mal treat­ments. Have all rel­e­vant indi­ca­tors for your dairy herd dis­played on the dash­board. Choose the view that best match­es your needs and see all devel­op­ments and events at a glance, from repro­duc­tion through to milk yields.

The com­po­nent Dairy Farm­ing is pro­vid­ed in coop­er­a­tion with UNIFORM-Agri.

Dairy Farming

Scope of use of the Dairy Farm­ing component

Screenshot Dairy Farming
  • Col­lec­tion and analy­sis of data on all ani­mal activ­i­ties, from repro­duc­tion to stock move­ments and milk yield indicators.
  • Auto­mat­ic dis­play of upcom­ing events and rel­e­vant per­for­mance indi­ca­tors on the dashboard.
  • Import of milk quan­ti­ties via milk record­ing data from the state inspec­tion asso­ci­a­tion in addi­tion to state-spe­cif­ic inter­faces; alter­na­tive­ly via a sep­a­rate mod­ule link­ing to a milk­ing system.
  • Mobile mod­ule use, includ­ing in the barn, thanks to a mobile app.
  • Clear guid­ance via the dash­board, colour-cod­ing for ani­mal sta­tus­es and a com­ments function.
  • Gen­er­a­tion of analy­ses and reports on milk quan­ti­ties, fer­til­i­ty and health status.
  • Col­lec­tion of ani­mal iden­ti­fi­ca­tion data and all (vet­eri­nary) treat­ments and inter­ven­tions; direct sub­mis­sion to state inspec­tion asso­ci­a­tions and the Hi-Tier cen­tral database.

Keep an eye on all herd activ­i­ties with the Dairy Farm­ing component

Plant and mon­i­tor dairy oper­a­tions for the entire herd and for indi­vid­ual cows. All health, fer­til­i­ty, milk pro­duc­tion, stock move­ments and feed infor­ma­tion is linked togeth­er in one sys­tem, mean­ing that you can keep an eye on the milk yield and per­for­mance of each indi­vid­ual cow.

Health – Var­i­ous health indi­ca­tors are record­ed and analysed.

Repro­duc­tion – Rel­e­vant fer­til­i­ty indi­ca­tors, such as heat detec­tion and preg­nan­cy rates are dis­played and repro­duc­tive devel­op­ment is analysed.

Milk pro­duc­tion – Using the data from the milk record­ing both the total pro­duc­tion of the herd, as well as the milk quan­ti­ties of indi­vid­ual ani­mals, can be dis­played and analysed.

Herd changes – Doc­u­ment stock move­ments (entries and exits, deaths, exports or slaugh­ters) and trans­mit them to HIT-Tier.

Screenshot Dairy Farming

Record all herd activ­i­ties direct­ly in the shed or in the field with the Dairy Farm­ing com­po­nent app.

My Cows App

The app works as part of the Dairy Farm­ing com­po­nent and you can use it to record data direct­ly wher­ev­er you are.

  • Call up the data relat­ing to your herd and to indi­vid­ual ani­mal with the app and man­age it.
  • Doc­u­ment heat obser­va­tion, preg­nan­cy tests, dry­ing off and calv­ing direct­ly from the shed.
  • Dis­play the sta­tus lists and KPIs in the app.
  • Use the app even when you are offline, your data is syn­chro­nised with the cloud as soon as you recon­nect to the internet.
  • Use the “MyCows” app in con­nec­tion with the Dairy Farm­ing com­po­nent for free.

Data shar­ing

In order to be able to use this part­ner com­po­nent, it is impor­tant that the fol­low­ing data cat­e­gories are released. With the data release I here­by agree that the indi­vid­ual data from the data cat­e­gories list­ed are also trans­ferred to the provider of the part­ner com­po­nent so that they can make avail­able the func­tion­al­i­ties request­ed in the part­ner component.

  • Accountin­for­ma­tion (iden­ti­ty and location)
  • Peo­ple
  • Sub­scribed cat­tle components

Test con­di­tions

  • This com­po­nent is not avail­able for testing.


  • The min­i­mum price for the com­po­nent is 30.00 EUR/month for 0–30 Cows excl.
  • Dif­fer­en­tial pric­ing depend­ing on the herd size of the operation.
  • Invoic­ing occurs togeth­er with oth­er booked com­po­nents in the first month of use, if applic­a­ble with pro rata invoic­ing for the component
  • Sub­scrib­ing to this com­po­nent incurs a one-off cost of 180€ (90€ per ses­sion) for the ini­tial set­up. This set­up occurs in two online-train­ing ses­sions, each with an extent of one hour. With­in these ses­sions you will import rel­e­vant data of your dairy herd and work­ing with the com­po­nent will be explained. So you can use the com­po­nent straight away after the sessions.

Con­tract terms

  • Min­i­mum term 1 month
  • Once the min­i­mum term has expired, the con­tract is auto­mat­i­cal­ly renewed for a peri­od of 1 month
  • The con­tract can be ter­mi­nat­ed with a notice peri­od of one month from the end of the indi­vid­ual account­ing month. How­ev­er, not before the end of the min­i­mum term
  • Ter­mi­na­tion is car­ried out online at the 365FarmNet Shop by dis­con­tin­u­ing the component
  • Invoic­ing occurs togeth­er with oth­er booked com­po­nents in the first month of use, if applic­a­ble with pro rata invoic­ing for the component
  • You will be invoiced based on the farm size present at the end of the invoic­ing month. Any changes to the farm size will affect the mon­thy price of the component.

Sep­a­rate con­di­tions of use

Users need to con­sent to UNIFORM-Agri’s con­di­tions of use to be able to use the module.

Note: The mod­ule Dairy Farm­ing is only avail­able in France and Germany.

Inter­faces to the Dairy Farm­ing component:

Data exchange with GEA Dairyplan C21

Data exchange with GEA Dairy­plan C21

Com­fort­ably doc­u­ment the milk yield of your herd and link it with oth­er ani­mal-relat­ed activ­i­ties, such as changes in their repro­duc­tive state.

Data exchange with DeLaval DelPro™ milking robot

Data exchange with DeLaval Del­Pro™ milk­ing robot

Record the milk yield of your herd and relate it to all ani­mal activ­i­ties, from repro­duc­tion to stock movement.

Data exchange with DeLaval DelPro™ milking parlour

Data exchange with DeLaval Del­Pro™ milk­ing parlour

Retain the overview by extend­ing your herd man­age­ment in 365FarmNet and the data exchange com­po­nent with the DeLaval Del­Pro milk­ing system.

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