365FarmNet areas of application.

Whether for pro­duc­tion man­age­ment, crop cul­ti­va­tion or herd man­age­ment, you have your data and costs in view at all times with the appli­ca­tions and mod­ules from 365FarmNet.

Farm man­age­ment

Dig­i­talise your farm­ing busi­ness man­age­ment with the com­po­nents you need.

Sim­pli­fy your busi­ness doc­u­men­ta­tion using var­i­ous com­po­nents from the free basic pack­age or the pro­fes­sion­al appli­ca­tions. Only add appli­ca­tions that you need for your busi­ness. The appli­ca­tions help you to improve farm man­age­ment and make more tar­get­ed predictions. 

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Farmer in a field.

Crop pro­duc­tion

We offer dig­i­tal solu­tions for your crop cul­ti­va­tion so that you can also har­vest success.

Aerial photograph of a combine harvester in a field.

Take advan­tage of the exten­sive pos­si­bil­i­ties for dig­i­tal­is­ing crop cul­ti­va­tion. Save time and mon­ey by auto­mat­i­cal­ly doc­u­ment­ing in line with cross com­pli­ance and thus meet the doc­u­men­ta­tion require­ments with min­i­mum effort. 

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Herd man­age­ment

Mak­ing sure your ani­mals are doing well.

Stock man­age­ment, health man­age­ment, repro­duc­tion and milk pro­duc­tion at a glance – man­age all activ­i­ties and work process­es for your cat­tle herd in line with cross com­pli­ance require­ments. Get graph­i­cal overviews on all ani­mal-relat­ed activ­i­ties via which you can direct­ly see which ani­mals need spe­cial attention. 

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A herd of cows eating hay.

Take your first steps into dig­i­tal farm­ing with the click of a button.

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