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Become part of a strong, international eco system.
Together with our partners, we strive for excellent support throughout all farming processes and management operations.

365FarmNet –
Your partner for digital agriculture.

With more than 40 European partners, 365FarmNet develops innovative applications used by more than 50.000 registered farmers in over 25 countries.

With its headquarter in Berlin, 365FarmNet is striving for a new era in farm management since 2014 – offering an easy way into digital farming for both, farmers and agricultural providers, via interactive interface opportunities for our partners.

The platform is currently available in four languages: German, English, French and Polish. We offer a customisable software continuously integrating innovative technology from new partners. Contact us today and become part of our growing eco system to form the digital, agricultural world of tomorrow. 365Farmnet offers you the opportunity to integrate your software solution, or connect your sensor with the 365FarmNet platform – quick and simple.

Your company’s solution will be presented in our shop, such that you can focus on your core competencies.

365FarmNet Partner-Concept

As an independent company we guarantee cross-sectional and vendor-independent offers to our partners, which allows free development of innovative solutions for our customers.

365FarmNet stands for:

  • Knowledge
    365FarmNet combines technological knowledge with the necessary agricultural expertise to develop high quality farm management solutions and integrate your offer into our platform Long term As a company we believe in long-term partnership and want all our partners to be a part of our team throughout the entire journey.
  • Full picture of Agriculture
    Our broad knowledge database is base of our success. The combination of our own understanding with interactive partner companies, allows us to see the bigger picture of agriculture and creates an ongoing learning process.

What we offer our Partners:

365FarmNet represents a trustworthy company of high credibility in the agricultural branch.
Add value for your customers and the entire partner eco system, including yourself via integration into our digital network. And participate in:

“As many companies, Michelin was offering tools on its own ecosystem. We wanted to ease the life of our customer, by avoiding multiple declarations on several platforms. We wanted to enter in his environment and let Michelin perform a personnalized advice for his machine, tires and soil.

365FarmNet is one of the best Farm Management systems on the market and we have very close values: providing the best service to the customer on a long-term perspective. We quickly agreed to expose our tool on 365Farmnet platform and we are very happy with this partnership..”

Benoit BERAUD-SUDREAU, Digital & Design Manager Michelin

Here is how you become a partner –
Step by step

  • 01
    Find out how implementation and integration of partner modules work, in our developer portal.
  • 02
    You can try it out. Just register for free and use our playground to do some prototyping.
  • 03
    If you want more, contact us for more information e.g. legal process, requirements, implementation details
  • 04
    Ready to go: Start with your integration in your dedicated development environment, where you can test and validate your module.
  • 05
    Sign our partner contract and release your module on the 365FarmNet portal.

Simple Connection of your module

  • Find out everything about partner module development on our developer portal.
  • Use our playground to try out the easy partner integration.
  • If you want to start developing, contact us, so that we provide you access to your dedicated development environment.
  • Integration and the related testing can both take place directly within the development area, leading to the actual „going-live“phase being only a small last step of the process.

Keyfacts for Developers

  • We offer a variety of agricultural API interfaces, that you can use to access the data needed for your module.
  • Of course our interfaces are well documented. You can always refer to our professional API interface documentation (Swagger).
  • Additionally you can test all our interfaces live, through the “FarmNet Test” platform in our development area. (Free registration required.)
  • Sample programs provide you with a good reference of partner module development , and are a good starting point for your project, as well. They allow a precise testing before the actual application of API interfaces, in order to maximize the success of your innovation.

Contact us

  • Are you interested in becoming a partner of 365FarmNet?
  • Do you need more information on how to integrate your module into our platform?
  • Is there still a question we did not answer yet?

If you are interested in our partnership program and all its benefits,
please contact us via E-Mail, phone or fax:
Tel.: +49 30 259 32 95 00
Fax: +49 30 259 32 95 01