365FarmNet -

We’re shap­ing dig­i­tal agri­cul­ture with the help of our partners.

365FarmNet – Your part­ner for dig­i­tal agriculture

365FarmNet is work­ing with 20 Euro­pean part­ners to devel­op inno­v­a­tive appli­ca­tions used by agri­cul­tur­al enter­pris­es across Europe.

The 365FarmNet plat­form is cur­rent­ly avail­able in four lan­guages: Ger­man, Eng­lish, French and Pol­ish. We offer adap­tive soft­ware which inte­grates inno­v­a­tive tech­nol­o­gy from new partners.

365FarmNet Partner Network

365FarmNet Part­ner-Con­cept

As an inde­pen­dent com­pa­ny, we guar­an­tee our part­ners cross-func­tion­al and unaf­fil­i­at­ed con­cepts, enabling cus­tomers to access inno­v­a­tive solutions.

365FarmNet Partner Network

365FarmNet stands for:

  • Knowl­edge
    365FarmNet com­bines tech­no­log­i­cal knowl­edge with the nec­es­sary agri­cul­tur­al exper­tise to devel­op high qual­i­ty farm man­age­ment solu­tions and inte­grate your offer into our plat­form Long term As a com­pa­ny we believe in long-term part­ner­ship and want all our part­ners to be a part of our team through­out the entire journey.
  • Full pic­ture of Agriculture
    Our suc­cess is found­ed upon our wealth of knowl­edge. By com­bin­ing our insights with hands-on busi­ness part­ners, we’re able to take a broad­er view of agriculture.

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