Dig­i­talise your farm­ing busi­ness management.

Greater suc­cess using the com­po­nents for bet­ter fore­casts and improved management.

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These com­po­nents sim­pli­fy your management

Record stock cor­rect­ly, assign tasks to employ­ees and involve them in process­es. 365FarmNet is the ide­al agri­cul­tur­al soft­ware for your farm­ing business.

Add the com­po­nents you need for your business.

Access rights

Dis­trib­ute read and write access rights in 365FarmNet to any num­ber of employ­ees. This allows you to also dis­trib­ute tasks via the plat­form and involve employ­ees securely.

Stock basic

Man­age and mon­i­tor your stock posi­tions semi-auto­mat­i­cal­ly. All data entered will be com­pared to your stor­age facil­i­ty. This saves time and min­imis­es errors.

meteoblue Weath­er Professional

Get access to pre­cise weath­er fore­casts for the field, his­tor­i­cal weath­er data since 2010 and rain radar detec­tion for the whole of Germany.

Prof­it Manager

Increase your prof­it with the com­pact cal­cu­la­tion, plan­ning, sim­u­la­tion, con­sul­ta­tion and doc­u­men­ta­tion software.


Send your con­trac­tor rel­e­vant field data and inte­grate the work process­es car­ried out there into your field catalogue.

Man and woman on farm consulting a digital tablet.

The 365Crop App for your pro­duc­tion management

Record all your plant cul­ti­va­tion activ­i­ties direct­ly and quick­ly in the app.

365Crop App
  • Cross Com­pli­ance

    Record Cross Com­pli­ance con­form direct­ly from the field.

  • Syn­chro­ni­sa­tion with the platform

    All planned tasks can be sent from the plat­form to the 365Crop App.

  • Mobile field catalogue

    The mobile field cat­a­logue offer an overview of all the mea­sures oper­at­ed to date, includ­ing offline and is always ready to hand.

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The free 365Pocket App

Go mobile with your doc­u­men­ta­tion using the 365Pocket app – no reg­is­tra­tion or plat­form connection.

  • Easy first step

    Just cre­ate your mas­ter data and all cat­a­logue data once, includ­ing an image for the busi­ness, machine and person.

  • Bet­ter con­trol and improved management

    Sim­ply assign tasks to your employ­ees and use the cal­en­dar with con­ve­nient search function.

  • Book tasks on the go

    Assign your activ­i­ties direct­ly to fields, e.g. seed­ing, till­ing or pes­ti­cides. Export to Excel/CSV possible.

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365Pocket App
Christian Volck

„I was amazed at the avail­abil­i­ty of always hav­ing it close at hand on all my devices.“

Chris­t­ian Vol­ck, Crop Cul­ti­va­tion, Rönnau

This is how it works:

365FarmNet makes the move to dig­i­tal farm­ing eas­i­er for you.

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By record­ing the mas­ter data, you can ben­e­fit from the analy­sis and doc­u­men­ta­tion functions.

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Add com­po­nents

Also enter the func­tions that fit your busi­ness perfectly.

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With our free farm­ing apps, you can man­age your farm from anywhere.

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