Module „Plan de fumure by ARVALIS“

Module „Plan de fumure by ARVALIS“

With “Plan de Fumure by ARVALIS” and 365FarmNet fertilization report and nitrogen plan can be done more easily. The customer has just to go on the “Plan de Fumure by ARVALIS” button on 365FarmNet and he will be guided through all relevant requirements.
Regarding calculation, agronomic parameters and reglementation you will be constantly updated.

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„Plan de fumure by ARVALIS“ allow to :

  • Document your fertilization activities. Tab “Réalisé” allow you to document all your fertilization activities quickly and easily. You can made group entries, but you can also choose to document field by field. If you already have some data in 365FarmNet, these will be automatically filled in FERTIWEB and you can modify or update them if necessary.
  • Manage your livestock effluents. Tab “Troupeau” allow you to calculate the amount of livestock manure produced (CORPEN standards) and available at your farm level. Analyzes of your own livestock effluents can be integrated and replace the reference values taken by default.
  • Record / visualize crop information. Tab “Parcellaire” allow you to find all reglementary information (potentially spreadable surfaces), agronomic (soil type…), and crop. Everything is done to simplify entries: if you already have data stored in 365FarmNet, they will be automatically filled in and you can modify or update them if necessary.
  • Calculate your complete manure plan. Tab “Fumure” allow you to carry out a complete nitrogen plan (N,P,K) for the main species cultivated in France (grain crops, forage crops and grasslands, vegetables, vine and fruit production.
  • Print your regulatory and agronomic documents. You will be able to print a wide range of reports (per field or group of fields), printable in PDF, essential in case of control and used daily in the fertilizer management.


Test conditions

  • 10-day access free of charge.
  • The test phase ends automatically, without further obligations.
  • In test mode this component may have reduced functionality compared with paid mode.


  • The minimum price for the module is 10 EUR/month excl VAT.
  • Invoicing occurs monthly with any additional modules selected by you where applicable, the module being invoiced pro rata for the first month of use.

Contract terms

  • Minimum term 1 month
  • Once the minimum term has expired, the contract is automatically renewed for a period of one month at a time
  • Once the minimum term has expired, the contract can be terminated at any time with effect from the end of the current accounting month
  • Termination is carried out online at the 356FarmNet Shop by discontinuing the module
  • Invoicing occurs together with other booked modules in the first month of use, if applicable with pro rata invoicing for the module
  • Invoicing occurs by a fixed price by account

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