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CLAAS Telematics field synchronisation

„CLAAS Telematics field synchronisation“ renders assistance concerning fleet management and logistics of harvesting.

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“CLAAS Telematics Field Syncronization”

CLAAS Telematics field synchronisation enables simplified use of the CLAAS Telematics component together with automated documentation thanks to preparation and transfer of field master data from 365FarmNet.
Previously, updating and generating the master data entered in 365FarmNet, as well as the corresponding fields, had to be carried out manually for CLAAS Telematics. This time-consuming process has now been taken over by field synchronisation, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry in both systems. New fields can be created, recent changes can be applied and data that is no longer available in CLAAS Telematics can be marked as “invalid”.
Additionally, field synchronisation offers its users reliable booking suggestions based on CLAAS Telematics that refer to the correct fields that are valid at the time of recording.

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The component„CLAAS Telematics Field Syncronization“ offers:

  • Time savings by eliminating duplicate manual data entry in 365FarmNet and CLAAS Telematics
  • Reliable bookings proposed through CLAAS Telematics that are assigned to correct, valid fields
  • Simplified transfer of field master data between 365FarmNet and CLAAS Telematics including operation affiliation
  • Creation of new fields and updating of modified fields and operations in CLAAS Telematics
  • Setup of the end of the validity period for deleted fields in CLAAS Telematics


Data sharing

In order to be able to use this partner component, it is important that the following data categories are released. With the data release, I hereby agree that the individual data from the data categories listed may also be transferred to the provider of the partner component so that the latter may make available the functionalities requested in the partner component.

  • Operating Information
  • Field information

Contract terms

This component is free of charge. However, it can only be used in conjunction with the CLAAS Telematics component.

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