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CLAAS Telematics

„CLAAS Telematics“ renders assistance concerning fleet management and logistics of harvesting.


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Download all information about the module as a PDF file.

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365Farmnet component “CLAAS Telematics”

Keep an eye on the activities of your CLAAS Telematics machines from anywhere. Let the component show you important real-time information and routes of your machines directly on the farm map. Further process the data in 365FarmNet.

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The component „CLAAS Telematics“ offers:

  • Real-time recording of position data of the activated machines
  • Map documentation of track and yield
  • Important machine data displayed in a condensed and clear manner (for example,. area covered per hour, operating hours or currently processed field)
  • Display of the current machine status

Attention: This is not a telematics contract. First, you have to enter into a valid contract with your CLAAS dealer in order to be able to use this component for your telematics machines.


Contract terms

This component is free of charge without any restrictions.

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