Do you have a clear overview of your herd management?

Cattle farming of any kind is associated with considerable effort and great personal involvement. As part of that, good and efficient herd management is the daily challenge that is repeatedly met in order to ensure the welfare of the animals. Within the context of good professional practice and taking the operational environment into account, it is not always easy to maintain a clear overview of all stable work or grazing.

  • Am I documenting things correctly?
  • How can I meet the high demands in regards to animal welfare?
  • What are my next tasks – insemination, hoof care or stable cleaning?

Answering these questions requires a smart solution that meets your demands in a mobile and flexible way. It allows you to complete your documentation on the side, as you are performing your daily stable work.

Your herd management.

With the 365Cattle App, you have the option to quite simply document what you observe in the course of your daily stable work. Herd management means basing the practical aspects of your production work on animal information. Optimal herd management is thus independent of herd size. However, the right technical resources can help you maintain an overview of the individual animals.

Why do I need a herd management system?

Increasing market requirements also mean an increase in the effort involved in the management of operations. Accordingly, you need a reliable system that gives you a sound basis for your decisions. That is why there is the 365Cattle App. Its animal journal means that you can view the latest data on your herd at any time as well as document all relevant information within the app.

No matter where something happens, whether in the field or in the stable – you always have a mobile and flexible documentation option:

For those who want more.

Synchronize your results automatically with the basic “Cattle” component in the 365FarmNet portal. A journal can be created in the portal for each individual animal, which is then formatted graphically, providing a clear overview of the current status.

“The program is self-explanatory. The longer you work with it, the easier it gets.” – Bernhard K.

We offer you a long-term solution for your animal husbandry – for everything related to stable work, herd management and status bookings.

Your 365Cattle App.
Your herd management.

Give it a try and give yourself a clear overview of your stable.