Do you have a clear overview of your herd management?

Cattle farm­ing of any kind is asso­ci­at­ed with con­sid­er­able effort and great per­son­al involve­ment. As part of that, good and effi­cient herd man­age­ment is the dai­ly chal­lenge that is repeat­ed­ly met in order to ensure the wel­fare of the ani­mals. With­in the con­text of good pro­fes­sion­al prac­tice and tak­ing the oper­a­tional envi­ron­ment into account, it is not always easy to main­tain a clear overview of all sta­ble work or grazing.

  • Am I doc­u­ment­ing things correctly?
  • How can I meet the high demands in regards to ani­mal welfare?
  • What are my next tasks – insem­i­na­tion, hoof care or sta­ble cleaning?

Answer­ing these ques­tions requires a smart solu­tion that meets your demands in a mobile and flex­i­ble way. It allows you to com­plete your doc­u­men­ta­tion on the side, as you are per­form­ing your dai­ly sta­ble work.

Your herd management.

With the 365Cattle App, you have the option to quite sim­ply doc­u­ment what you observe in the course of your dai­ly sta­ble work. Herd man­age­ment means bas­ing the prac­ti­cal aspects of your pro­duc­tion work on ani­mal infor­ma­tion. Opti­mal herd man­age­ment is thus inde­pen­dent of herd size. How­ev­er, the right tech­ni­cal resources can help you main­tain an overview of the indi­vid­ual animals.

Why do I need a herd man­age­ment system?

Increas­ing mar­ket require­ments also mean an increase in the effort involved in the man­age­ment of oper­a­tions. Accord­ing­ly, you need a reli­able sys­tem that gives you a sound basis for your deci­sions. That is why there is the 365Cattle App. Its ani­mal jour­nal means that you can view the lat­est data on your herd at any time as well as doc­u­ment all rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion with­in the app.

No mat­ter where some­thing hap­pens, whether in the field or in the sta­ble – you always have a mobile and flex­i­ble doc­u­men­ta­tion option:

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For those who want more.

Syn­chro­nize your results auto­mat­i­cal­ly with the basic “Cat­tle” com­po­nent in the 365FarmNet por­tal. A jour­nal can be cre­at­ed in the por­tal for each indi­vid­ual ani­mal, which is then for­mat­ted graph­i­cal­ly, pro­vid­ing a clear overview of the cur­rent status.

“The pro­gram is self-explana­to­ry. The longer you work with it, the eas­i­er it gets.” – Bern­hard K.

We offer you a long-term solu­tion for your ani­mal hus­bandry – for every­thing relat­ed to sta­ble work, herd man­age­ment and sta­tus bookings.

365Cattle App
Your herd management.

Give it a try and give your­self a clear overview of your stable.

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