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Using ActiveDoc for automatic documentation and obtaining an ideal overview

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365FarmNet component “ActiveDoc”

  • Automatic documentation enables thorough task verification and safeguards valuable data
  • Recording working hours, downtime and travel time can reveal potential savings in machine utilization
  • Calculating machine costs facilitates precise cost posting for different stages of operation
  • Real-time information about the location and route travelled by the machines provides an ideal overview
  • Booking proposals for soil preparation, mineral and organic fertilization, sowing and plant protection measures
Modern agricultural businesses are growing more and more complex, yet are subject to increasing legal restrictions at the same time. As a result, information about operating processes needs to be documented precisely and securely. The task of documentation presents a major challenge in the course of hectic day-to-day work.
Agricultural businesses of all kinds now increasingly rely on exact time tracking (down to the minute), along with documentation and analysis of relevant information about the location and routes travelled by the machines. Efficient operations management combined with a reliable, detailed documentation process and options for intelligent analysis are crucial factors for achieving efficient, forward-thinking work while continuing to comply with legal requirements.
The ActiveDoc component was designed precisely with these goals in mind. Using ActiveDoc, you receive a continuously updated overview which displays the locations of the currently operating machines on your farm map. This component also offers a variety of options for analysing field working hours, downtimes, transport times and travel times.
ActiveDoc outputs a quick operating efficiency review of your machines, offering insight into the machine costs for specific crops based on your actual fields. ActiveDoc generates booking proposals for soil preparation, mineral and organic fertilization, sowing and plant protection measures.
ActiveDoc keeps track of the work that has been done almost automatically and simultaneously. Documentation has never been easier, more secure, faster or more accurate!
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365Active System –
The revolution in automated documentation.

365Active is an automated system for seamless time recording and documentation in agriculture.
  • During fertilisation
    (organic and mineral)
  • At the roughage harvest
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Test conditions

  • 10 days free test access
  • The test period shall terminate automatically, without further obligation
  • Unlimited functionality during the test period


  • The minimum price for the module is 5 EUR/month excl. VAT.
  • This enables you to use the module for 50 ha.
  • Differential pricing depending on the ha-size of your operations, for example, for 100 ha the price is 8.33 EUR/month excl. VAT. Invoicing occurs monthly with any additional modules selected by you where applicable, the module being invoiced pro rata for the first month of use.

Contract terms

  • Minimum term of one month
  • After expiry of the minimum term, the contract is automatically extended each month by one month respectively
  • After expiry of the minimum term, the contract can be cancelled at any time, taking effect at the end of the current accounting month
  • The cancellation is implemented by termination of the module online via the 356FarmNet Shop
  • The invoicing occurs together with other booked modules, based upon the existing size of the farm at the end oft he accounting month. In the first month of use, there may be a pro rata billing. Changes to the farm size affect the monthly price of the module.

Please note that the 365Active Systems is only available in: D, A, F, PL.

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