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365Cattle app.

The 365Cattle app has the following functions to support you:

Animal journal with current master data, sites and status information

Diagram showing history of all actions taken per animal

Documentation of status postings, treatments, changes of group and changes in stock

Fully usable even offline

Automatic synchronisation with the basic Cattle components in 365FarmNet

Secure, password-protected connection to the user’s own 365FarmNet account

With the 365Cattle app farmers can record animal actions where they happen: Flexibly, on the go, whether you’re in the cowshed or out in the meadow.

Cattle farmers can record key data and measures immediately on site. Everything can be documented directly, whether it’s incoming items, insemination or treatment – or any other action. At the same time all information and actions to date are available on site at the shed for each individual animal.

The app is also available offline. So the 365Cattle app offers maximum flexibility for the user. Once an Internet connection is re-established the data are automatically synchronised with the 365FarmNet platform and imported into the basic Cattle component.

The basic Cattle component in 365FarmNet and the mobile 365Cattle app are available free of charge.



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