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365Active app.

Record times automatically in the field: improve work efficiency and speed up documentation

365Active is an automatic system for recording times and keeping records on the farm. 365Active automatically works on the machine when it is carrying out activities. The driver of the machine doesn’t need to do anything. Documentation has never been this easy and precise!

The 365Active app works as part of the 365Active System in combination with 365Active boxes and the 365Active platform.

Benefits of 365Active:

Times and data on machines and measures are automatically recorded down to the minute:

  • Who (driver)
  • When (date, time)
  • Where (position of field)
  • With what (machine)
  • How long (duration)

Analyses of working, travel and down times in the 365FarmNet platform suggest potential areas for increasing efficiency

365Active automatically creates entries from the data collected, minimising the time and effort required for documentation

The machines’ current positions and tracks are displayed in the 365FarmNet farm map, allowing the measures to be analysed in real time, improving workflow coordination

The system starts and stops automatically on ignition, preventing documentation gaps

Simple to use: Just connect – no more buttons to press


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ActiveBox Management
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Download the 365Active app free of charge here

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How 365Active works

To make the best use of 365Active on a farm with more than one person, we recommend connecting tablets with the free-of-charge 365Active app on your machines and equipping all employees with personal beacons.