Overview components crop management.

The free field mapping service offers you numerous functions such as 

  • general inventory management
  • operation-specific basic weather
  • graphic map of your holding
  • interactive annual calendar
  • complete documentation function
  • aerial views of your fields

In addition, 365FarmNet offers for sale further components on plants that will support you professionally in managing your business. Thanks to 365FarmNet's component system you can put individual components together to suit your specific operational needs. And of course, you only pay for the applications that you book.  

Available components

Available components crop management.

Variety advisor - AGRAVIS maize variety guide

Country: DE
Benefit from the many years of experience gathered in comprehensive testing by AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. Variety tests are carried out at numerous locations every year and the results are evaluated by our crop cultivation experts in order to find out the best maize varieties. You receive recommendations for varieties including the associated seed strength, applicable to any plant breeders as a function of your location, of water supply and specialization of production. Well-founded, easy and quickly!

The "AGRAVIS maize variety guide" module offers:

  • Recommendations for varieties as a function of specialization of production, local conditions and water supply
  • The local field conditions are automatically made available from the master data and taken into account
  • Plan several fields easily and quickly in an easily understandable table form.
  • Direct transfer of varieties into crop planning.
  • The contact data of the regional consultants are made available to you and can be imported into your master data of persons by clicking a button.

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Planning - Crop and seed planning

Countries: DE, AT, CH, FR, PL, GB, BG
Good crop planning is half of the battle. Provide yourself with a quick overview. The "Crop and Seed Planning" module allows you access to all fields with your crops and seeds. You can play around with implementing changes, and you can immediately see how crop relationships change or how total yield quantities vary.

In this manner, quotas and contract farming can be quickly monitored and adjusted. Targeted planning enables a more efficient cultivation of crops. This leads to substantial saving of time. Moreover, a structured plan assists you in complying with increasing regulations.

The "Crop and Seed Planning" module offers:

  • Keeping an eye on crop rotation
  • Conveniently planning the cultivation of crops for various crop years
  • Integrated greening check
  • Simple seed planning with predefined seed catalogue from the Bundessortenamt [Federal Office for Plant Varieties]
  • Automatic calculation of the seed requirement enables precise seed planning

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Machine settings - AMAZONE fertiliser service

Country: DE
Avoid making spreading errors and also save time. The "AMAZONE Fertiliser Service" module provides you with the correct recommended settings for all conventional fertilisers for your AMAZONE fertiliser spreader (ZA-F, ZA-X, ZA-U, ZA-M, ZA-M Ultra, ZA-V, ZG-B, ZG-B Ultra). C lear, uncomplicated and extremely precise.

The "AMAZONE Fertiliser Service" module offers:

  • Determination of the optimal settings based on the fertiliser, application rate, working width and ground speed
  • Setting recommendations for multiple fields with different application rates can be created in one query.
  • Printing of recommended settings and applications from your planning for use in the field
  • Automatic provision of information on working width and ground speed from your master data as well as fertiliser and fertiliser quantities from your planning

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Planning - CLAAS field route optimisation

Country: DE
The assistance module CLAAS fieldroute optimisation enables you to optimally allocate your fields for processing and to create the best possible tracks. The field-traffic strategy employed up until now, in part historically, can be used for checking each individual field.

Based on only a small amount of outline data such as field working time and route length, these tasks are recalculated. Your benefit is not only reflected in a work simplification. You also profit from the optimisation of working time and route length.

The "CLAAS field-route optimisation" module offers:

  • The possibility of calculating the optimum field route for each field that exists in 365FarmNet
  • The calculation of several fields simultaneously
  • If you have maintained your machine master data, then the necessary parameters are automatically suggested and used as input parameters for the calculation
  • An automatic allocation of input parameters from the machine master data
  • The required working time, productive working time, the number or turns and the total route length for each individual field
  • A total result with the selection of several fields
  • The display of each calculated line (track), the angle and the coordinates (A - B line)

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Variety advisor - KWS Corn Adviser

Country: DE
Use the expertise of experts when planning crops. With the "KWS maize variety advisor" you receive site-specific (temperature, precipitation, soil conditions) seeding and variety recommendations based on your utilisation.

The "KWS maize variety advisor" module offers:

  • Variety recommendation depending on usage and required variety characteristics with the corresponding seeding recommendation
  • The location properties of the field are automatically provided and incorporated from the master data
  • The recommended varieties and seed strengths are directly incorporated into crop planning
  • Your regional contact person is displayed and you can include them in your personal master data at the touch of a button

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Plant - Stock basic

Countries: DE, AT, CH, FR, PL, GB, BG
With "Basic Storage", it is now easier for you to manage your stock. Farm relevant data that you enter in 365FarmNet is automatically compared with your storage. This saves you time and effort.

The module "Basic Storage" offers:

  • Quantity and value-based administration and management of stock levels
  • Automatic stock comparison when a resource or income is posted
  • Posting of purchases and sales

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Analyze - Meteoblue Weather Professional

Country: DE
The "Meteoblue Weather Professional" module provides you with an excellent overview of the weather data for your location. A multi-model gives you an overview of the most likely weather forecasts . With the historic weather data, a comparison between temperature and precipitation for the current year and the past 30 years is available.

The "Meteoblue Weather Professional" module offers:

  • Various weather forecasts in a diagram (multi-model), so you no longer need to visit different weather websites, and it immediately provides you with a sense of forecast reliability.
  • Historical weather data for the current year compared with the past 30 years, so you can assess the results of activities carried out in conjunction with weather information and compare with previous years.
  • In future, there will also be features such as extensive weather analysis options (comparison of measurements – forecasts, observations etc.) and a rainfall radar directly on the farm map for certain countries.

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Spraying weather - Spraying weather efficacy

Spraying weather - Spraying weather efficacy

Country: DE
With the "Spraying Weather Efficacy" module you save money when treating your plants with pesticides. This module calculates the optimum time to use a substance based on its ingredients. In addition, all the past, present and future weather conditions at your individual location as well as the development stage of the crops being cultivated are taken into account. The result is an hourly forecast of the efficiency of a specific substance for the next 48 hours.
As a user, you can therefore plan your treatments with pesticides according to their maximum efficiency and thereby gain a better understanding of the behaviour of crop protection products.

The "Spraying Weather Efficacy" module offers:

  • The calculation of the optimum implementation time for each of your pesticides. This is determined for the next two days on an hourly basis.
  • Automatic analysis as to whether the planned plant protection procedures are still optimum for the anticipated point in time.
  • There is an automatic message on the dashboard, if it is necessary to change the plans for a specific pesticide due to altered weather conditions.

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