Are you ready for winter?

Because “winter is coming“!

Head into your winter break with peace of mind.

“There is still so much to do before I and my operation can head into the winter break. The beet campaign is as good as done, but now the last of the winter wheat needs to be put into the ground.” These and similar sentences are very familiar to some farmers who started preparing for “dormancy” long before the beginning of December. There is still so much preparation to be done. Despite many years of experience, the odd task can still be forgotten. We help you prevent this!”

Winterisation is already in full swing for many farmers. Machines must be serviced and it might even be a good idea do inventory at the warehouse again so that everything is on hand for the next vegetation period.

With crop cultivation, where standard crops such as sugar beets, winter wheat, winter barley and winter rapeseed are planted, there is still a lot to do before winterisation can be done. In 2017, it was so wet that some farmers were not able to dig their beets until after Christmas – and even that was more like mudslinging that harvesting. That is why it is important for all other activities to be completed first.

Advantages of the 365Pocket app for winterisation.

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Head into the winter break with peace of mind with the 365Pocket app!

Vegetation is slowly moving into the dormant season and the final field work is in progress or has already been completed. Thus, things tend to calm down on many operations. Let seasonality work in your favour and take a moment to reflect on this past cultivation year so that you can come out of your winter break energised and ready to take on the new vegetation period.

Use your winter break!

Take advantage of the winter break.

Enjoy the advantages of a full overview of your operation.

If you as a farmer plan your work in the 365Pocket app, the documentation is almost done. You enhance your data every time you make an entry, making your overview even more complete. Save time and keep a good handle on things – plan, click, done.

Head into a relaxed winter break in three easy steps:

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Step 1:
Download the 365Pocket app for free from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Step 2:
Start directly in the app. No registration necessary.

Step 3:
Easily create the tasks you still need to complete in just a few clicks.

“Winter is coming” – which means your winter break is too.

Even the grain markets go dormant. That is why fewer new contracts are concluded at the beginning of the year – existing contracts were being fulfilled. Price listings, such as for winter wheat for example, on the MATIF are currently better for contracts in March 2020 than for December. Rapeseed prices, by comparison, are showing a declining trend. Thus, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the exchange during the winter months as well.

Just try it out and download the 365Pocket app for free now.

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Kostenloser Download.