Agricultural student association meeting in Dresden.

When the agricultural student body came together for the second time in 2019, 365FarmNet team member Pascal Pegel travelled to Dresden to participate in this remarkable event. Besides hot discussions on agricultural policies, debates on the current strikes of farmers and the postmodern challenges for farmers in general, students from all over Germany joint together to adress agricultural topics and develop potential solutions.  

The conference of the agricultural student body takes place every six months to support an enriching communication between students from all parts of Germany. The agriltural student body consists of study pograms as agriculture, rural economy, environment and chemistry at Dresden University.   

During the weekend of December  the seventh, 60 interested students  from 12 faculties have been warmly welcomed in Pillnitz. The entire weekend was marked by the exchange on agricultural politics and various topics about the farming industry. Furthermore the individual faculties addressed their visions for the study programs of the future in agriculture and their connection to the industry in Germany.  

Pascal Pegel (Regional Sales Manager)

The relevance, message and the movement of farmer strikes in Berlin have therefore been another crucial aspect of most conversations. The students agreed that it is important clarify how important farmers are to todays society and that they aim to support a deeper understanding for the relevance of agricultural businesses, their social acceptance and their economic benefit for the region.

Finally, the election of the student body representatives took place. New representative is Steffen Joost Meyer zu Bekum from the University Rostock, where the next conference will take place in May 2020.

365FarmNet concludes: We see that there is a major interest for the platform concept of 365FarmNet and the underlying potential of it for upcoming generations. Therefore we aim to continue supporting students from all over Germany with our 365campus program in order to provide them with crucial knowledge on digital farming an agriculture 4.0!

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