Never lose data again!

Minimise the chaos at your office!

It’s always the same story: You are out in the field, you jot down a few important thoughts, but then at the end of the day the piece of paper you jotted your notes on has disappeared along with your thought. What is the easiest way to solve this problem? It’s quite simple – by entering your thoughts into the 365Pocket app right away.

However, data can also be lost during the tedious task of transferring your notes from paper to your computer. That can be very easily avoided using the CSV export.

Thanks to the 365Pocket app, you have the option of exporting the work procedures and data that you have entered as a CSV file. You can easily and conveniently send it to yourself or to someone else with the click of a button. This reduces the paper chaos on your desk and saves you from having to do additional work.

Advantages of the 365Pocket app for less chaos at the office.

So, the chaos at your office stays under control.

Your advantages with 365Pocket:

  • Easy data export.
  • No duplicate data entry.
  • Overview of operational workflows.
  • No registration necessary!

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Goodbye paperwork!

Digital agriculture is so easy. Being able to quickly enter notes and create master data means that you always have your field mapping service with you.

The practical functions and simplified use allows the app to solve some of your problems in no time. Even minor transmission errors that like to sneak their way in from time to time when transferring data from paper to your computer can be reduced. This means that you can easily complete your documentation right on your mobile and thus spend less time at the office.

Less paper chaos, more time.

Less paper chaos, more time for your crop production.

Simply document now and analyse at home.

Say goodbye to time-consuming “pen and paper documentation” and say hello to easy and convenient work right on your smartphone. Thanks to the 365Pocket app, you can meet your documentation requirements at anytime and anywhere without having to spend a lot of time.

Three easy steps to less paperwork:

Download the app and get started today.

Step 1:
Download the 365Pocket app for free from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Step 2:
Start directly in the app. No registration necessary.

Step 3:
Satisfy your documentation requirements with just a few easy clicks.

Goodbye office chaos – this is how easy documentation can be.

Office work is time-consuming and, as a farmer, you would rather be following your passion in the fields instead of having to take care of endless piles of paper in the office. That is why we at 365FarmNet developed a very simple solution. With the 365Pocket app, your post-it lifestyle is a thing of the past and you have a digital solution for your office chaos. Click, type, done!

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