The spreading of liquid manure starts again from February.

The blocking period ends on 31 January and farmers are permitted to spread manure again. However, increasing “manure tourism” has been created by the new fertiliser ordinance. More and more travel routes are driven on roads and cost money. Do you know how much time your machines spend on the road? How can travel, work or downtimes be documented simply and quickly? Our 365Active System will help you as a farmer to get a better view of these points and comply with your verification obligations.

If you spread liquid fertilisers on your fields, you can enter the journeys to and from the manure loading station using the 365Active system. As a result, the quantity spread can be documented precisely. As soon as the machine is started, the driver no longer needs to worry about the documentation and can concentrate entirely on the work process.

The 365Active System automatically documents work processes and enters them in the form of a booking proposal in the 365FarmNet portal. At the same time, the fields, work and downtimes, machines, people and the amount spread are also recorded.

What do you need to use the 365Active System?

  1. 365Active App
  2. 365ActiveBoxes
  3. ActiveDoc

ActiveDoc is an additional payment module that stores your data longer than 24 hours and provides you with booking suggestions for the portal. With the 365Active system, your records of the machine data are not saved long term.

365Active functionality.

Advantages of “ActiveDocs”.

The “ActiveDoc” module provides various advantages. These include, for example:

  • The automated documentation makes it possible to review measures in detail and ensures a high-quality database.
  • Recording working hours, downtimes and travel time can reveal potential savings in machine utilisation.
  • Booking proposals for tilling, fertilisation, seeding and plant protection measures are provided in the portal for your 365FarmNet account.

The timely working in of liquid manure is prescribed by the legislator to reduce nitrogen emissions and the associated N losses. The system can also be advantageous here, since operations of other machines can be recorded at the same time in addition.

Try it our 365Active system when transporting liquid manure! Order the 365ActiveBoxes online today and reap the benefits.