Straw recovery is an important part of the yearly grain harvest.

Keep on top of things when baling straw – even if they need to be done quickly.

DStraw recovery is an important part of the yearly grain harvest. When baling straw, the bale shape, the cutting length, and the bale size are all relevant parameters.

If you are baling straw for others, whether as a farmer or as a contractor, it is not only important to fulfil each customer’s needs as far as straw bales are concerned – in a normal situation you also want to serve as many customers as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. If rain is forecast, for example, then the request calls stack up and good organisation is required.

365FarmNet - Straw baling

Another point is the documenting of work for billing.

Who was working where and when? Three days ago which customer were you with first? Normally payment for straw baling is based on the number of straw bales. However, if there are large differences in regard to the time spent with various customers then you can use the automatic documentation to help with adjusting invoices.

The 365Active System can support you in documenting your straw baling activities. A lot of what has been done with the aid of paper and pen in the past is now summarised automatically and sent overnight as a booking proposal. This provides more transparency and ensures that no information gets lost.

The component meteoblue Wetter Profi can be another aid. It offers a weather forecast for the site and rain radar accurate to the nearest kilometre. Numerous weather stations form the basis for these hour-by-hour forecasts. This ensures that there are no unpleasant (weather-related) surprises when baling straw.

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