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October is drawing to a close and in many parts of Germany, wheat still has to be drilled. On fields where sugar beets have been cleared or corn maize threshed, a late sowing of winter wheat is essential.

However, sowing was also delayed compared to other years due to the damp weather at the beginning of October. The remaining areas must, therefore, now be cultivated as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the yield potential will be lost.

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Under time pressure, the documentation is sometimes postponed to winter. However, when one has managed to get to the computer at the supposedly less stressful time, the precise data is often missing.

“On which date did I drill the field at the forester’s lodge? And how many kg/ha was it?”

At first, it’s forgivable. However, if one is confronted again a year later with the question of what the optimum sowing density would be at the right time for sowing, the previous inaccuracy becomes a source of frustration.

Exact data on sowing dates and sowing density are essential for continuous improvement in the upcoming harvest years. Finally, you will gain experience, for example, that sowing winter grains too early leads to a higher susceptibility to disease and, thus, to a higher use of crop protection products. Or you can see from your fields that a slightly higher sowing density can reduce the use of fertiliser during the tillering phase. Such information is the basis of future improvements and growth for your business.

“But how can I as a farmer still have time for my documentation during wheat sowing?”

Convenient documentation in three simple steps:

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The prerequisite for this is that your fields, machines and operating resources have already been entered. Even staff, apprentices or family members can book work themselves.

This makes collaborating even more efficient.

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Have your machines documented for you: From the terminal to the portal via ISO-XML.

Do you create orders on the terminal during your daily work in the field?

Then you no longer have to enter your activities manually. Once the work is done, you can conveniently import the required data from your machine’s ISOBUS terminal into the 365FarmNet portal via a USB stick. Check the booking proposal once, then the documentation is complete.

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