Fertilisation with head and map

The fertilizer season is in full swing and important decisions must be made! For farmers, this means a lot of time in the office to plan optimal measures. With the CLAAS Crop View app in 365FarmNet, farms can easily optimize their fertilizer measures in no time using potential maps. This means: more time on the field.

Optimal fertilizer planning

Every year, farmers are faced with the challenge of supplying nutrients to their crops in the best possible way and creating the basis for a successful harvest. In addition, there are regulatory framework conditions for fertilizer measures that must be complied with. For the best possible fertilisation measures that comply with legal requirements and enable optimal growth, crucial decisions must be taken: whether to apply a balanced or quality fertilizer. Should specific low-growth areas be supplied with nutrients or should high-growth areas be fertilised to maximize yield? After that, decisions must be taken regarding nutrient quantities for the different fields and sections.

Düngung Crop View

Using an appropriate fertilizer strategy

In addition to determining fertilizer requirements, an optimal fertilizer strategy includes keeping a close eye on the vegetation differences in the fields. Farmers know their fields. They check their crops and the vegetation development daily. They also have a lot of experience when it comes to the growth potential of individual fields. The CLAAS Crop View app supplements this experience with meaningful potential maps. The potential maps are based on calculations from several years of satellite data, creating average maps that indicate stable and relative biomass differences. This makes it possible to spot patterns which are not usually visible in a single image. With these maps, farms can determine the best fertilizer strategy and apply fertilizer to specific areas with the help of the application maps.

Fertilisation with 365FarmNet


CLAAS Crop View

Differences in vegetation can be determined on the relevant fields and application maps generated.