Every­thing at a glance – thanks to the 365Pocket app.

My dig­i­tal note­book for my operation.

“Thanks to the 365Pocket app, I can access my oper­a­tional data at any time and see which field work is sched­uled to be done next. Of course, I can also check any work process­es that have already been com­plet­ed to ensure I have a clear under­stand­ing of what is going on. As a result, I always know when, how and what is on the sched­ule or has already been per­formed. So it is okay if I for­get some­thing from time to time – since I will have already saved it anyway.”

In day-to-day agri­cul­tur­al busi­ness, whether in crop pro­duc­tion or in oth­er areas, it can be dif­fi­cult to main­tain a clear overview. How­ev­er, it is impor­tant for oper­a­tional data to always be cur­rent – in order to bet­ter under­stand oper­a­tional workflows.

This requires think­ing about dif­fer­ent tasks at the same time all day long, so hav­ing a sound struc­ture is essen­tial. The app helps you plan every work­flow and the com­ple­tion there­of in detail. Which means you can spend your evenings with fam­i­ly and friends instead of prepar­ing work sched­ules for the next day.

365Pocket App

A review of the agri­cul­tur­al fis­cal year.

Your advan­tages with 365Pocket:

  • Review of com­plet­ed tasks.
  • Mas­ter data in the palm of your hand at all times.
  • Overview of oper­a­tional workflows.
  • No reg­is­tra­tion necessary.

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Stay on top of things with the 365Pocket app – any­time, anywhere!

Main­tain an overview of your oper­a­tion and doc­u­ment any impor­tant obser­va­tions you make. Just a few clicks in the 365Pocket app and you can sched­ule and plan your dai­ly work­load from any­where. So you no longer need to wor­ry about impor­tant tasks being for­got­ten. You have a good han­dle on it – you have a clear overview.

Create and maintain a clear overview.

Always have a clear overview.

Enjoy the advan­tages of a full overview of your operation.

If you as a farmer plan your work in the 365Pocket app, the doc­u­men­ta­tion is almost done. You enhance your data every time you make an entry, mak­ing your overview even more com­plete. Save time and keep a good han­dle on things – plan, click, done.

Three easy steps to a clear overview of your operation:

Download the app and get started. No registration necessary.

Step 1:
Down­load the 365Pocket app for free from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Step 2:
Start direct­ly in the app. No reg­is­tra­tion necessary.

Step 3:
Cre­ate your mas­ter data with just a few easy clicks.

Review of your pre­vi­ous fis­cal year.

Hav­ing a clear overview of pre­vi­ous years is always advan­ta­geous. Whether you’re chat­ting with an acquain­tance or a crop pro­duc­tion con­sul­tant. Even unsched­uled CC con­trols can be per­formed at any time. That makes hav­ing mas­ter data that is always up-to-date very worth­while. Even if just notes on grain ware­hous­ing, field cul­ti­va­tion or gen­er­al work sched­ules. The app can help you keep the sta­tus quo in sight.

Just try it out and down­load the 365Pocket app for free now.

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