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thanks to the 365Pocket app.

My digital notebook for my operation.

“Thanks to the 365Pocket app, I can access my operational data at any time and see which field work is scheduled to be done next. Of course, I can also check any work processes that have already been completed to ensure I have a clear understanding of what is going on. As a result, I always know when, how and what is on the schedule or has already been performed. So it is okay if I forget something from time to time – since I will have already saved it anyway.”

In day-to-day agricultural business, whether in crop production or in other areas, it can be difficult to maintain a clear overview. However, it is important for operational data to always be current – in order to better understand operational workflows.

This requires thinking about different tasks at the same time all day long, so having a sound structure is essential. The app helps you plan every workflow and the completion thereof in detail. Which means you can spend your evenings with family and friends instead of preparing work schedules for the next day.

Benefits of the 365Pocket app for maintaining an overview of operations.

A review of the agricultural fiscal year.

Your advantages with 365Pocket:

  • Review of completed tasks.
  • Master data in the palm of your hand at all times.
  • Overview of operational workflows.
  • No registration necessary.

Download the 365Pocket app now for free.

Stay on top of things with the 365Pocket app – anytime, anywhere!

Maintain an overview of your operation and document any important observations you make. Just a few clicks in the 365Pocket app and you can schedule and plan your daily workload from anywhere. So you no longer need to worry about important tasks being forgotten. You have a good handle on it – you have a clear overview.


Create and maintain a clear overview.


Always have a clear overview.

Enjoy the advantages of a full overview of your operation.

If you as a farmer plan your work in the 365Pocket app, the documentation is almost done. You enhance your data every time you make an entry, making your overview even more complete. Save time and keep a good handle on things – plan, click, done.

Three easy steps to a clear overview of your operation:

Download the app and get started. No registration necessary.

Step 1:
Download the 365Pocket app for free from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Step 2:
Start directly in the app. No registration necessary.

Step 3:
Create your master data with just a few easy clicks.

Review of your previous fiscal year.

Having a clear overview of previous years is always advantageous. Whether you’re chatting with an acquaintance or a crop production consultant. Even unscheduled CC controls can be performed at any time. That makes having master data that is always up-to-date very worthwhile. Even if just notes on grain warehousing, field cultivation or general work schedules. The app can help you keep the status quo in sight.

Just try it out and download the 365Pocket app for free now.

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Kostenloser Download.