365Pocket –
the digital operations diary.

Easy documentation and analysis. Without registration and platform connection.

Pocket management.

The documentation effort and the associated paperwork are continuously rising due to the constant increase in requirements.

The 365Pocket app offers farmers who have hardly worked with documentation systems before the perfect introduction. Say goodbye to the paperwork and always keep an overview of your outstanding and completed work processes. Nothing is forgotten or lost. The data remain on your smartphone. An Excel-/CSV-export for further analysis is possible.

Download the 365Pocket app free of charge

Optimise your work with 365Pocket:

  • Creation of master data with all catalogue data incl. pictures for operation, machine and person
  • Creating tasks
  • Calendar function with comfortable search function
  • Booking of field tasks (such as sowing, tilling, pant protection etc.)
  • Functional start screen for a better overview and operational transparency
  • Excel/CSV export for extended documentation and analysis
  • No registration and platform connection necessary
  • Available in four languages (German, English, Polish and French)