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AgroPressure by Michelin

Optimize tire pressure – avoid soil compaction and protect tires.

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365FarmNet component “AgroPressure by Michelin”

The right tyre pressure improves the traction whilst relieving the soil. In Addition, you can reduce fuel and tyre wear costs. Nowadays, the appropriate tyre pressure is usually calculated by the farmer himself using the tyre pressure table. Additionally the farmer uses his own expertise and experience to optimise the pressure. For each application, the farmer needs to adapt and evaluate the soil and weight of the machines – This is very time consuming!
With the component AgroPressure by Michelin and 365FarmNet, automation of this process is possible. Agropressure offers you not only the optimal pressure for Michelin tyres, but also for every producer. Here you only need to fill in the information manually. This device shows you the risk of consolidation considering the selected machine combination and the soil parameters. Additionally this system provides you buying correct tyres – considering the given information. “AgroPressure by Michelin” guides you through the relevant steps so it is a consumer friendly device.

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The module „AgroPressure by Michelin“ offers:

  • Calculation of the right tyre pressure, based on machine, soil conditions and specifics.
  • Simulation of different scenarios regarding risk on compaction (with Terranimo of the University Bern)
  • Comparing of different scenarios (e.g. Tyre type and pressure or soil condition)
  • Alert if there is a risk of soil compaction


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