Herd Management –
GEA DPconnect Basic

Synchronization of animal and herd management data from the GEA management program DairyPlan.

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365FarmNet component “DPconnect Basic”

At your operation, do you work with a GEA milking system and the herd management software DairyPlan? Now you have the possibility of synchronising specific herd management data with the “DP Connect Basic” block via the platform 365FarmNet. Access your animal data from anywhere! Capture all animal activities for the reproduction process and inventory in a mobile and flexible manner.
Track all current and historical activities of your animals in both systems in DairyPlan and DairyNet. In addition, you are always kept informed about the synchronisation process. As a DairyPlan user, you can manage your herd with state-of-the-art software technology while at the same time taking full advantage of the “365FarmNet” platform. At the same time, you can manage your herd in a mobile manner with the existing app 365Cattle for iOS and Android.
Ask your GEA dealer for an update to your DairyPlan version!

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The “DPconnect Basic” component offers:

  • Connection of DairyPlan and DairyNet software
  • Transfer of the animal base data from DairyPlan to the basic module “Cattle”
  • Mobile and flexible inventory management
  • Documentation of reproduction activities via 365Cattle App
  • Functionality of the basic component “Cattle” for DairyPlan users
  • Synchronization of specific herd data with synchronization protocols and instructions for use


Data sharing

In order to be able to use this partner module, it is important that the following data categories are released. With the data release I hereby agree that the individual data from the data categories listed are also transferred to the provider of the partner module so that they can make available the functionalities requested in the partner module.
Animal-related strain, movement and reproduction data
Data from the milk performance test
Operating and installation data incl. HIT connection
Sensor data incl. animal reference
Data from the GEA system “DairyPlan” for synchronisation
Number of persons

Daten der Milchleistungsprüfung

  • Betriebs- und Anlagendaten inkl. HIT-Anbindung
  • Sensordaten inkl. deren Tierbezug
  • Daten aus dem GEA-System „DairyPlan“ zur Synchronisation
  • Anzahl Personen
  • Betrieb (E-Mail-Adresse, Betriebsname, Postleitzahl und Land)

Separate conditions of use

The following separate conditions of use of the partner shall apply to the module
The functionalities of the component are based on evaluations of data to obtain recommendations, estimates and predictions about future events. Recommendations, estimates and forecasts always involve considerable uncertainties; therefore no guarantee . is therefore not accepted. The recommendations, estimates and predictions are, in particular, not specifically tailored to milk producers and farmers. Business decisions should under no circumstances be made solely on the basis of the recommendations, estimates and predictions made in the building block; All data should always be checked and questioned at your own responsibility.

Test conditions

  • 30-day access free of charge
  • The test phase ends automatically, without further obligations
  • Unlimited functionality during the test period


  • The price for one cow is 0.10 EUR/month excl. VAT.
  • Differential pricing depending on the herd size of the operations, for example, for 250 cattle the price is 18.33 EUR/month excl.
  • VAT. (Price calculator)
  • Invoicing occurs monthly with any additional modules selected by you where applicable.

Contract Terms

  • Minimum term 1 month
  • Once the minimum term has expired, the contract is automatically renewed for a period of one month at a time
  • Once the minimum term has expired, the contract can be terminated at any time with effect from the end of the current accounting month
  • Termination is carried out online at the 356FarmNet Shop by discontinuing the module
  • Invoicing occurs together with other booked modules in the first month of use, if applicable with pro rata invoicing for the module
  • Invoicing occurs based on the farm size at the end of the month being invoiced. Changes to the farm size affect the monthly price of the module.

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