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Profit Manager

Planning and management of the company’s financial success.

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The 365FarmNet component “Profit Manager”

The module provides calculation, planning, simulation, consultancy and documentation software for arable farms. This is used to plan and manage the company’s financial success in cereal production. The aspect of uncertainty is thereby taken into account.

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The component “Profit Manager” offers:

  • Estimates of the gross income per hectare for each type of crop based on costs, income expectations and current price levels
  • Warehouse management
  • Customer tracking system
  • Provision of prices and costs of exchange-traded goods, if available
  • Access to EU spot prices
  • Manual: “Das Preisrisiko” (“The price risk”, PDF download)
  • Booking of cereal sales and contracts
  • Overview of products not yet marketed
  • Import of forward trading positions and allocation to the type of crop
  • Estimate of the gross margin II per hectare for each crop type, taking into account all sales, contracts and futures market positions
  • Fundamental analysis (weekly) of the global cereal markets
  • Technical analysis (weekly) of wheat, rape and maize on MATIF
  • Business summary – calculation of the currently planned overall business gross margin
  • WHAT-IF analysis (CC II and risk) of 15 sample marketing strategies with/without warehousing This includes: Pre-contracts, premium contracts, PUT and CALL options, option spreads, etc. A simple and understandable presentation of the results. This helps the manager to identify how his opportunity/risk ratio changes with each planned marketing strategy.


  • Beiselen Profit Manager
  • Beiselen Profit Manager
  • Beiselen Profit Manager

Data sharing

The data categories listed below must be shared to enable you to use this partner module. With respect to data sharing, I agree that individual data from the data categories specified will also be transferred to the provider of the partner module to make the required functions available in the partner module.

  • Company (country of registration and postcode)
  • Field information
  • Information on the crops cultivated
  • Information on varieties

Separate conditions of use

The following separate conditions of use of the partner shall apply to the module
Insofar as Beiselen provides calculation, planning, simulation, consultancy and documentation software through the partner, the partner makes no guarantee to Beiselen for their correctness and accuracy. All the information provided to the user is based on estimates, which are generally not tailored to individual cereal production facilities or farmers. It is expressly stated that the calculations and simulations carried out may not be accurate, and are therefore not binding. Any business decisions made based on this information are the sole responsibility of the user, who should exercise appropriate commercial judgment and prudence.

Test conditions

  • 10-day access free of charge
  • The test phase ends automatically, without further obligations
  • In test mode this component may have reduced functionality compared with paid mode.


  • The minimum price for the module is 10 EUR/month excl VAT.
  • This enables you to use the module for 50 ha.
  • Differential pricing depending on the ha size of your operations, for example, for 100 ha the price is 16.67 EUR/month plus VAT.

Contract terms

  • Minimum term 1 month
  • Once the minimum term has expired, the contract is automatically renewed for a period of one month at a time
  • Once the minimum term has expired, the contract can be terminated at any time with effect from the end of the current accounting month
  • Termination is carried out online at the 356FarmNet Shop by discontinuing the module
  • The invoicing occurs together with other booked modules, based upon the existing size of the farm at the end of the accounting month. In the first month of use, there may be a pro rata billing. Changes to the farm size affect the monthly price of the module.
Test component

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