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ISIP-Septoria forecast

How often and when you should combat Septoria leaf blotch on your winter wheat largely depends on weather conditions and disease susceptibility of the variety.

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The 365FarmNet component “ISIP-Septoria-forecast”

With the assistance of the ISIP Septoria forecast improve your control strategy now through automatic determination of the optimum time for the fungicide application. The daily, site- specific calculation of the risk of infection on the basis of the SEPTRI model of ZEPP takes the BBCH state and disease susceptibility of the variety into account. This is how first
Septoria lesions following infestation on top layers of leaves can be identified and the best
time for phytosanitary measures can be determined.

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The module „ISIP-Septoria-forecast“ offers:

  • Site-specific calculation of the period when weather-related infections of Septoria tritici on the three topmost layers of leaves occur – on the basis of detailed weather data from ISIP servers – to an accuracy of a square Kilometer.
  • Calculation of the optimum date of treatment by means of the initial infection of the third layer of leaves
  • Clear graphic display of the infected, disease-free and treated plots of land in the farm map
  • Automatic preselection of the plots in question with the same treatment date in order to plan phytosanitary measures directly via the farm map
  • Forecast when the first Septoria lesions would appear on the top layers of leaves if no or only one insufficient plant protection measure took place. This is how you will know whether or not the treatment was effective
  • Provision of active forecasts from March until the end of June inclusive
    Access to the complete forecast history as long as the component is active
  • Display of further dangers of infection also after initial infection

Note from ISIP

Instructions for appropriate action for follow-on treatments cannot be issued as the component is not able to evaluate the protective performance of fungicides used.


Test conditions

  • 10 days free test access
  • The test period shall terminate automatically, without further obligation
  • Unlimited functionality during the test period


  • The minimum price for the component is 2.00 EUR/month excl. VAT. This allows you to use the component for 50 hectares
  • Pricing depending on hectare size of the farm, i.e. the price for 100 ha amounts to 3.33 EUR/month excl. VAT

Contract terms

  • Attention: The use of this component is limited to the German market
  • Minimum term of one month
  • After expiration of the minimum term the contract is automatically extended by one month at a time
  • After expiration of the minimum term the contract may be terminated at the end of the currrent accounting month
  • The termination can be submitted by cancelling the component online via the 365FarmNet Shop
  • The invoicing occurs together with other booked modules, based upon the existing size of the farm at the end of the accounting month. In the first month of use, there may be a pro rata billing. Changes to the farm size affect the monthly price of the module.
  • Active forecasts are available from March until the end of June inclusive
  • Review of the forecast history only possible while the component is active
Test module free of charge

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