Master data maintenance

Is everything out there under control? Just take a second for your data.

Complete and automated documentation – no problem with properly maintained master data!
The maintenance of your own data is time-consuming work and the benefit is rarely immediately apparent. This applies to large as well as small businesses. In order to best profit from automatic documentation, the basic data should be properly maintained.

An innovative documentation solution requires as little manual intervention in the processes as possible. A properly maintained master data sheet of your business also enables a detailed view of all business areas at all times: Whether it is workers, machines, fields, resources, seed varieties or other business data – everything has its place on 365FarmNet. Even the animal husbandry is recorded with a module. And it is free of charge!

Master data maintenance
Basic documentation

Basic documentation

Start with the free basic version now and become familiar with the numerous possibilities. Register free of charge to use the basic modules on the 365FarmNet platform.

Enter the master data of your business and your fields, add the relevant seed varieties and resources to your inventory, designate the most important work processes, and then nothing stands in the way of seamless documentation. If needed, we will support you in setting up your business and we are available at all times for your questions.

Clean up your data now –
with the free basic documentation of 365FarmNet.

365Active System

With the 365Active System of 365FarmNet, you get the most from the documentation: The booking of each work process of your machines is fully automated – regardless of the age and the manufacturer.

This enables you to have an outstanding overview of everything that’s going on out there at all times!

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