Shall I drive out again? Decision-making help for grain cultivation.

Nothing is better than the farmer’s experience! Often it is enough to examine certain corners of the field in order to judge the plants’ conditions and undertake the relevant measures. But what percentage of the land can you really see and monitor with the naked eye? How can you be sure that the fertilisation or plant protection measures carried out in recent weeks have been effective across the whole area?

Grain crop management

With the current satellite images in CLAAS Crop View, the differences in the holdings can be recognised immediately. Are growth regulators required because there is too big a difference in longitudinal growth? 365FarmNet offers practical decision-making help to keep things under control – everywhere at all times.

Test the CLAAS Crop View component now for 10 days free of charge:

365FarmNet CropView

With the help of satellite images, the 365FarmNet CLAAS Crop View component shows weak zones in the grain. The vegetation map shows differences in the biomass inside a field. The field comparison creates a ranking between fields with the same crop. Application maps can be created with current images and/or historical images in order to fertilise the grain in a targeted manner. In this way you are supported when determining the correct plant protection or fertilising measures, and can make more reliable decisions.

With the link to your 365FarmNet account you can use information and data generated through CLAAS Crop View in other components as well.

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